We offer a range of widgets to embed directly into your Website. Below you'll find examples of how those widgets look like. Custom styling can be requested through the customer service.

NOTICE: The widgets are only available in paid plans. If you register for a free starter account, widgets are available during the first 30 days for testing puroposes.

Survey Widgets

Survey widgets allow visitors of your website to participate directly in one of your surveys instead of using the email channel.

Slide Up Widget

A small bar is displayed at the bottom of your website and will automatically pop up if the user clicks it or scrolls to the bottom of the page.

To get your widget, navigate to your survey settings, click the "Embed" tab and chose the "Website" panel. This will generate an embed code to put into your website html code.

Notice the "?email=" part in the embed code? By default the visitor is asked to provide his email address after casting his vote, but this is purely optional. But if your website is dynamicly generated and has a user login you can append the email address of the currently logged in user to this parameter. This way the vote is automatically stored for the given email address. Perfect for surveys in customer backends or after successful orders in online stores.

Inline Widget

A full voting scale is displayed directly on your website, at the position where the embed code has been placed. A perfect placement for this widget type would be the order confirmation page of an online store.

PopUp Widget

The popup widget shows a small "Feedback" ribbon button on the right side of your website. Only when the user clicks this button, a popup with the voting scale appears in an overlay.

The color of the button is inherited from the primary color selected in your survey settings.

Testimonials Widget

Did you notice the "Testimonials" section in your Callexa account? There you can moderate incoming ratings and publish them to your website using our testimonials widget.

Basic Style

The basic styling is included in all accounts and automatically inherits the fonts and colors used on your website. It's pretty much just simple text content displayed whereever you put the embed code in your website html code.

To get your embed code, navigate to the testimonials section and click the "Generate Widget Code" button on the top right.

Custom Style

Please contact our customer service if you require a custom styling of your testimonials widget.

Statistics Widgets

Customer Sentiment Gauge

Display a gauge with the average score of all received ratings. Dynamically updates, so you only need to insert the embed code into your website html once and it always displays the latest value.

To get your embed code, navigate to the statistics section and click the "Generate Widget Code" button on the top right.

NPS Gauge

Same as the customer sentiment gauge, but displays your Net Promoter Score instead.

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