How to turn NPS feedback into customer reviews, testimonials, and other recommendations.

With the Net Promoter Score® you measure and analyze customer satisfaction in order to find out more about what people like or dislike about your product or company. Used correctly, NPS is the most valuable metric for measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Using the Net Promoter Score can help you grow your business, generate word-of-mouth recommendations from promoters, and help you grow without spending too much on traditional advertising or inbound marketing. With a clear customer advocacy strategy, you can turn your Net Promoter Score into a valuable marketing tool that generates recommendations, encourages new customers to sign up for your product or service, creates incentives for repeat purchases and massively accelerates the growth rate of your company.

Below are techniques you can use to turn your NPS data into a scalable process to generate word of mouth, build your brand through reviews and discussions, and drive organic growth for your business.

Got great feedback? Then ask your customers to share their beliefs and satisfaction with your company and your brand on social media.

And they will do that. Customers who rate your company with 9 or 10 points are called promoters or brand promoters. And there is a good reason for that. These customers are so satisfied with your product or service that they can make a recommendation to friends and acquaintances without hesitation.

Unfortunately, many companies don't see their promoters as a valuable marketing asset, but merely as an assurance that their product or service is satisfactory. You read the feedback, review the new NPS, and move on to other tasks.

In addition, while most promoters are excited about your business, few will take appropriate action to tell third parties unless you give them a small, friendly nudge by engaging them and providing them with a tool.

One of the easiest ways to turn feedback from your promoters into a valuable marketing asset is to send an email asking you to go public.
We have already mentioned several times in our NPS blog posts how important it is to close the customer feedback loop. Make sure, however, not only to react to your passives and critics, make an effort to do the same with your promoters.

After reviewing a promoter's feedback, reach out to them directly and tell them how much you would like them to share their thoughts with others:

  • If you are an aspiring startup with established competitors, ask the promoter if they could rate your company positively on comparison websites.
  • Give them direct links and ask them to share their satisfaction on social media.
  • If your product is a cellular app, ask them to review your product in their app store.
  • Another option is to reward your promoters' efforts. Give your promoters something as a present, perhaps in the form of a free subscription or an attractive discount, if they share their review on third-party platforms.

Over time, the reviews can add up and reward you with stronger rankings, more traffic, more downloads, more sales, and more revenue. All you need is a quick follow-up message to each promoter. This can easily be automated with software such as Callexa that specializes in NPS surveys.

Turn organic promoters into partners who will happily recommend your company

Most promoters have limited reach and influence. They like to rate your product in directories and comparison websites, but most of them will not reach a large number of other potential customers with this feedback.

However, the few promoters who can do that could be the most valuable marketing partners you will ever work with.

If you find out that one of your happiest promoters is also a blogger or influencer with their own audience, reach out to that customer and ask if he is interested in talking to you about an affiliate marketing collaboration.

Most bloggers who reach your target audience will be happy to write about your product, especially if you offer them to pay out a percentage of the sales generated through an affiliate commission.

Affiliate programs are particularly effective for SaaS products. Industry-leading SaaS companies have built their user base not only through in-house marketing but also through advertising through affiliates. Not all of your promoters will make great affiliate partners, but the few who do could become important parts of your marketing and growth process.

Create customer success stories, user reports and case studies

Promoters can do more for your business than just generating positive word of mouth.

Work with particularly satisfied customers on success stories or case studies that describe the original problem, why the customer looked for your services or products and describe how you were able to solve the problem.

Another way to make NPS feedback useful for your business is to turn it into a customer review or video testimonial.

While testimonials are great for attracting users who are already interested in your product or service, they are less effective at reaching entirely new audiences and explaining how your product or service can help people.

Therefore, focus on customer success stories and case studies as these are particularly powerful for B2B companies where the use of your product or service can lead to a measurable increase in the key performance indicator for your customers. Rather than just learning that a customer is satisfied, as they would from a simple customer review, it gives prospects a detailed look at why and how your product or service produced positive results and value.

And because personal success stories revolve around a specific person or company, they create social evidence that a boring, data-driven case study can never convey.

Take every opportunity to turn critics into promoters

Receiving negative feedback from customers isn't nice, especially when you feel like you've worked hard to provide the best service possible.

Fortunately, relationships with critics (customers who rate your product between one and six on the NPS survey scale) aren't always a dead end. With the right follow-up mechanism, you can change the criticism and turn dissatisfied reviewers into passionate promoters.

By closing the customer feedback loop and responding directly after a bad experience, you can turn a frustrated reviewer into someone excited about your service.

Once you have achieved that, you can follow the same steps outlined above to transform the relationship from purely negative to positive to one that will attract new customers, strengthen your brand, and dramatically increase your customer lifetime value be able.

Turn your satisfied customers into brand ambassadors

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