Segment is a popular customer data hub meant as an effortless way to integrate different web applications through a common set of data streams. We are happy to announce, that it will soon be possible to integrate Callexa Feedback into your own web application through Segment.

What you can do with Callexa Feedback and

  • Automatically send NPS surveys through Segment's analystics.identify command
  • Review all ratings, comments and statistics directly in your Callexa Feedback dashboard
  • Or let Callexa sync back ratings by adding additional traits to the customer object in Segment
  • Conclusion: Fully automated integration with more than 100 web applications


Enable Segment for your Callexa survey:

  1. Navigate to the "Recipients" panel of your survey and open the Tab labeled "Segment"
  2. Set how many days to wait before sending a survey to a customer imported through Segment
    (read more about "sending delays" in the section below)
  3. Click the checkbox to enable the automation and hit "Save"
  4. Now copy the API Key to your clipboard

Enable Callexa in your Segment Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the "Integrations" panel and select Callexa Feedback
  2. Paste the API Key of your survey to the form and hit "Save and close"
  3. That's it, new customers will now automatically be surveyed through Callexa

Enable the sync back of new ratings (optional):

  1. Navigate to the "Project Keys" panel in Segment and copy the "Write Key" to your clipboard
  2. Navigate to your survey's "Recipients" panel in Callexa and paste the Write Key into the matching field of the "Segment" Tab
  3. New ratings will now be added as additional customer traits callexa_rating, callexa_comment and callexa_date


About sending delays

Often you do not want to send the survey immediatly after the analytics.identify() command has been called. To correctly delay the sending of surveys we recommend that the createdAt trait is set correctly for all your customers. If it is not set Callexa will treat the customer as created on the current day.

You can define a minimum and a maximum delay in days for the survey to be sent after customer creation. If the minimum delay is set to 0, the survey will be sent immediatly. If the creation date is further back than the maximum delay, the customer will not be surveyed. For better understanding here are some typical scenarios:

  • Survey only new customers at least 3 days after their creation:
    Set the minimum delay to 3 and the maximum delay to e.g. 14 days in order to ignore customer records older than that
  • Survey every customer, even repeatedly, whenever the identify command is called:
    Set the minimum delay to the value you want but the maximum delay to 0. Whenever analytics.identify() is called, a survey will be sent to that customer. The same would apply if no createdAt trait is set for the customer.
  • Survey every customer, even repeatedly, but not necessarily every time the identify command is called:
    There is a global setting available for this purpose. Navigate to the edit panel of your survey and set a minimum interval in weeks. Callexa will ignore all identify calls for customers who already have been surveyed during that interval.


Used Traits

Callexa will import the following customer traits:

  • email (required)
  • firstName, lastName (optional)
  • name (optional - ignored if firstName or lastName trait is available)
  • gender (optional)
  • createdAt (optional, see "About sending delays" section)


If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

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