What's the foundation of a company?
Their customer's satisfaction!
So far only a few companies made the jump to introduce new means of customer sentiment analysis.
Callexa will help to change that.
Take the opportunity to measure and predict your customer's behaviour.
Unsatisfied customers are lost customers. Only convinced customers will become the loyal driving force for the success of your company.
Adapt your company strategy to the needs of your customers.
Your customers know best. Listen to what they have to say, recognize weak spots and use the potential to improve your performance. Callexa equips you with the tools you need.
Solid scoring model Prevent cancellations
Track customer development Identify weak spots
Spur passive customers Reward loyal customers



Evaluate customer sentiment

Callexa uses modern 1 click surveys based on Net Promoter® Score (NPS), measuring the willingness of your customers to recommend you to their friends or colleagues. By doing so, your customer puts his credibility on the line, which evidentially results in more accurate assessments than impersonal ratings. NPS is already used by many well-known companies and has proven to achieve higher response rates than ordinary survey methods.

Our survey template is optimized for mailings and compatible with most email clients or webmail services. Adapt it to your needs with custom text blocks, personalized salutation and your company logo. No tedious scripting, what you see is what you get.

Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.


Manage your survey recipients

Conduct directed customer surveys regulary or by using our API right after certain events. For example several days after an order, a support inquiry or even a cancellation.

4 ways to connect to your customers:

  • Link to the survey in your newsletters or on your website.
  • Manage recipient lists to target a selected group of customers.
  • Import and export data easily with CSV files.
  • Use our API to connect Callexa to your CRM or Online Shop.

We provide a distributed mailing service or you can set up your own mail server to send scheduled surveys with just a few clicks.


Monitor your company scoring

Track the development of your overall scoring, based on the responses you get. Our well-arranged dashboard keeps you informed about the feedback coming in and our detailed reports help you to evaluate your service.

Get realtime feedback on the impact of changes you made in your customer service. Get to know the reasons for cancellations or returning goods. React to critism immediately and know your strengths and weaknesses.

Callexa is a brand new service. We want you to be open to suggestions, so we are too. Try our service for free and if there is anything you need, just tell us!


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50 Surveys per month

Testimonials, Email Support, Tagging / Detailed Ratings



500 Surveys per month

Testimonials, Link Surveys, API Control, Data Export, Email Support, Tagging / Detailed Ratings, Website Widget

39,90 $ per Month


1000 Surveys per month

Testimonials, Link Surveys, API Control, Data Export, Email Support, Phone Support, Tagging / Detailed Ratings, Website Widget

64,90 $ per Month


5000 Surveys per month

Testimonials, Link Surveys, API Control, Data Export, Email Support, Phone Support, Tagging / Detailed Ratings, Website Widget

99,90 $ per Month

« Integrations »

Callexa can be integrated with popular CRM solutions and Shop Systems. We are continuously working on more integrations. The following systems are already supported:

Callexa is integrated with Bigcommerce
Callexa is integrated with Shopify
Callexa is integrated with Salesforce Desk.com
Callexa is integrated with Freshdesk
Callexa is integrated with Insightly
Callexa is integrated with FreshBooks
Callexa is integrated with Zapier

« Testimonials »

 I am absolutely thrilled about Callexa. Design, usability, configuration options, cockpit - everything very intuitive & structured. I have worked with Zenloop so far and I think Callexa is even better already! Especially for start-ups, it's a great tool to develop the product or service for the future in cooperation with the customer. - Stephan Berg, Founder & CEO So schmeckt Erfolg
 We already knew the Net Promoter Score from previous customer surveys. To ensure and evaluate the quality of "infra-structure", we were planning to carry out a customer satisfaction survey, which is simple and which would also be done quickly.
The detailed feedback from customers regarding our software "infra-structure" could be passed on to our development department in the form of suggestions for improvement; also as problem cases to the support department for further treatment. - Ino Holling, CEO NETZkultur
 We launched on BigCommerce in early 2019 and immediately added Callexa as our NPS tool. Once integrated and dialed in (super easy!), we're automatically surveying customers to get a glimpse into what we're doing well and what we should work to improve. The feedback has been invaluable as we prioritize improvements and additional optimizations to the site and our fulfillment processes. There are more expensive, complex, and customizable NPS tools out there, but Callexa continues to provide the insight we need in an easy to use and cost effective format. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a NPS solution for their BigCommerce storefront. - Philip Krug, Marketing West Coast Sailing
 We have used the Quotes of our very satisfied customers in our user reports. - Stefanie Heither-Bürger, Marketing NETZkultur
 Very sleek and good tool, we have only had the best experiences. - Dr. Michael Streng, Managing Partner parameta
 The Net Promoter Score is a central element in connection with customer feedback. Simple, neat, professional!
With Callexa Feedback you are offering an outstanding NPS tool for a quick and uncomplicated customer response, suitable for daily use. - Dr. Lars Wohlers, CEO KON-TIKI

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