User report for the NPS tool „Callexa Feedback“

Callexa Feedback is a customer satisfaction survey tool. It uses the NPS (Net Promoter Score), which surveys customers about their possible recommendation of a product. In the survey, clients are asked to specify the probability of a recommendation on a scale of 1 to 10. The Callexa Feedback template is very suitable for email surveys. The data is evaluated using a sophisticated algorithm. The company Siempre en Casa from Argentina describes its experience with the tool.

I. Company profile

1. Siempre en Casa business model

Siempre en Casa is an Argentine subscription service that supplies customers with their favorite beverages. This saves time and money. Delivery is free of charge as the company receives a commission from the suppliers. It can also offer its customers discounts of up to 50% and fixed prices guaranteed for at least four months. The latter is significant because of inflation in Argentina (over 41% in summer 2020).

2. Employees

Siempre en Casa currently has 12 permanent employees.

3. Responsible for the project implementation:

Melanie Munzer

II. Goals of implementing Callexa Feedback

1. Why did the company choose the Callexa Feedback tool?

Callexa offers Siempre en Casa the opportunity to send surveys upon the status of orders. These are triggered exactly when the customers have received their delivery and should answer the questions.

2. Company selection criteria for the tool

A team colleague from Craft Society recommended the tool. The Siempre en Casa team of technicians then found that Callexa could be better integrated into their own Shopify shop solution than a previously used tool. Callexa allows the surveys to be sent more precisely.

3. Expected improvements with Callexa Feedback

The main expectation was to improve the NPS. With the previous NPS platform, timing of survey delivery was difficult to control, resulting in lower customer ratings. Callexa allows the NPS survey to be sent automatically, for example one, two or five days after the order has been sent. There is a point in time when customers are ready for this survey. This point in time can be controlled precisely with Callexa.

4. Experience with previous Solutions

Siempre en Casa had previously used “Customer Guru”. This NPS tool is slightly cheaper than Callexa, but could not be fully integrated into Shopify. The surveys were only ever sent to new customers as soon as they were added to their own shop system. At that moment, however, they often hadn't bought anything. Many surveys were therefore answered with critic reviews.

III. Services

1. Implementation of Callexa Feedback in the company infrastructure

The implementation took place in Shopify and in Slack via "Zapier". It was easy because, above all, the Shopify integration is standardized by Callexa.

2. User friendliness

Callexa is easy and intuitive to use.

3. Efficiency of NPS survey with Callexa

The system works efficiently and without problems.

4. Benefits from Callexa Feedback

The ratings are more accurate and positive. The NPS score is more representative.

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