User report for the NPS tool "Callexa Feedback" by ATMANTAN

The ATMANTAN Wellness Resort from Mulshi - Pune in India has chosen Callexa Feedback. The company has a total of 253 employees in summer 2020. IT manager Bhairav ​​Mohite was responsible for implementing the project. Here is the customer's case study.

1. How did you decide to use Callexa Feedback?

ATMANTAN has been using a paper feedback system since 2015. The ATMANTAN team calculated the NPS on the basis of the data collected. Of course, a system on paper has the first disadvantage that the data has to be entered manually. The results were therefore only available with major delays; it was not possible to share the feedback with all those involved immediately. The decision to use Callexa Feedback was made after the responsible manager had read an article in the Harvard Business Review about relevant feedback solutions. The management of ATMANTAN was convinced to use more technology for feedback, which at least significantly promotes the growth of the company. At this point, ATMANTAN's IT department started looking for a digital NPS system.

2. What criteria did ATMANTAN use to choose the system?

Three criteria were decisive for the selection:

  1. Calculation of the NPS score
  2. Simplicity of the system
  3. price

3. What improvements did ATMANTAN achieve with Callexa feedback?

ATMANTAN now uses the system for weekly group meetings. Thanks to the clear dashboard, each participant can easily see what has been achieved in the last week. The current status of the company can be seen at a glance. A very helpful additional function is the sending of automated e-mails. They go to the guests if they have not responded to the first request. With Callexa Feedback nothing can be missed anymore. The greatest improvement is a value that can be checked daily and weekly (or in other rhythms). ATMANTAN has added the email addresses of all department and event managers to the Callexa mailing list. After each survey, all those responsible now receive the feedback.

4. Were individual adjustments or extensions necessary? If so, what were they?

Adjustments were necessary, but thanks to the excellent cooperation with the OnDemand Web Solutions GmbH team, they could be implemented quickly. Among other things, ATMANTAN required URL masking, a separate function for filtering out regular customers and a user-defined logo and background image. The Callexa team was able to implement these adjustments very well.

5. Satisfaction: How does the customer ATMANTAN rate the entire project management?

The customer is very satisfied with the project management and the cooperation.

6. How many users does ATMANTAN survey with Callexa every month?

Since spring 2020, the number of customers at the ATMANTAN Wellness Resort has been falling due to the corona crisis. Business should return to normal in the months (or years) to come. In the peak seasonal months before the crisis, ATMANTAN surveyed 800 to 1,000 customers a month.

7. How is the efficiency of the NPS surveys to be assessed?

ATMANTAN is very pleased with the efficiency of the NPS surveys. These have traditionally been an important tool for gathering feedback. As a real-time NPS score is now available through Callexa Feedback, the NPS surveys are even more effective.

8. Summary of all advantages through Callexa feedback for the ATMANTAN Wellness Resort

With Callexa feedback, the ATMANTAN Wellness Resort collects two additional answers from the guests:

  1. transformative moment in the wellness center
  2. experiences at the resort, especially those with the spa

This enables ATMANTAN to better determine how satisfied the guests are with the core wellness offer. For this purpose, the ATMANTAN IT department imports a list of the guests with the five most important attributes they have named into Callexa Feedback. The program will now automatically determine satisfaction. Once the survey is complete, the leadership team can see the responses. The team can also review the dashboard during the weekly group meeting. Its very clear structure makes work for ATMANTAN much easier.

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