Basic areas of application for your satisfaction analysis with NPS.

Once you have understood the meaning, purpose and benefit of a satisfaction analysis using NPS, the question of possible areas of application naturally arises.

In general, the following applies:

An NPS survey can always be used when the customer has had contact with your company. These touchpoints can vary from industry to industry. For information on how to identify these touchpoints for your company, see our article "Why it is important to place NPS at strategic points".

Because NPS can be used in so many places, Callexa is provided in such a way that you can integrate your surveys almost anywhere.

A simple example of an area of ​​application would be the questionnaire after shopping in the online shop.

The customer orders items and makes his payment. The order is processed and the customer's data record is transferred to Callexa. This can be done manually, but also, for example, using one of the integrations provided. In the settings of the associated campaign, it was specified that the survey should take place X days later, as it is known how long the logistics center needs for preparation and shipping.

Well-calculated, the customer receives his survey when the topic of shopping is up to date again, precisely because he received the shipment on the same day. In the survey it is then possible to ask about shipping duration, the condition of the articles and of course the general buying experience.

It is also possible to link the NPS survey to a support request. The data record can be automatically transferred using the integration provided when the ticket is finally closed. In this case, the survey takes place directly because the experience with the support is still fresh in the minds of the customers. The questionnaire can be used to find out more about the quality of the support and the handling of the request in general.

The NPS survey can also be carried out with Callexa via a direct link. A link survey is created for this. This link could be transmitted after a live chat or integrated directly into the chat page. The customer can then execute the link and submit their rating. This link can also be inserted into the email signature of the sales force in order to have a general evaluation of the satisfaction with the received offers / sales.

The integration of the NPS survey directly into the website is also possible. With the provided API and some programming knowledge, the survey can be displayed and carried out directly on the website. The collected data is then transmitted via API. This enables, for example, the survey directly after shopping or logging into the customer account. You can then ask more about the structure and design of the website.

Another exciting area of ​​application for the NPS survey has nothing to do with customers.

With the option of creating anonymous surveys, it is also possible to use the NPS for internal purposes, for example for an employee evaluation. The business performance can learn more about the satisfaction of the employees with the working conditions and, if necessary, address existing difficulties relating to the general working atmosphere directly.

These are just some of the possible areas of application for an NPS survey with Callexa. As already mentioned, the NPS can always be used when the customer is in contact with the company.

Feel free to contact us if you are planning to implement NPS for your company but are unsure how this is possible with Callexa. We would be happy to advise you and plan the optimal areas of application for your future surveys with you.

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