Can I include review platforms like Google, Facebook or Foursquare?

The satisfaction of your customers is important to you, which is why you implemented the analysis via NPS for your company. You will receive valuable feedback from your customers, information on where your company has potential for improvement and you will receive reviews of your promoters, which you can easily and conveniently display on the company website via a widget.


What is the purpose of the feature to receive feedback on third-party portals?
“You can't stand on one leg.” - A well-known saying that is also used here. It is simply important to take advantage of all available sources of reviews about your company in order to improve the general reputation and awareness of your brand. Unfortunately, many reviews that are published on a provider's own website are fake, this is known to customers, which is why it is common to see what other people report about the company on independent platforms before buying from an as yet unknown company.

How do I activate the feature?

Only a few steps are necessary to activate the feature. To do this, navigate to the settings within your survey. There you will find the feature "Link to external evaluation forms (e.g. Google or Facebook)".

First select which customers are allowed to see the link to the external platforms. Then another menu open with additional options for configuration. Define whether Callexa should only show the link to your promoters, promoters and passives, all or no recipients.

Assign review pages

Then define where the link should appear. Here you choose whether the link should only be below the thanks, below the follow-up questions or the thanks or the entire follow-up question page should be replaced by it.

Please note: If you select the option "Replace entire follow-up question page", only the NPS score will be recorded, there is no feedback at all.

In the next field you can create an intro text, e.g .: "You are welcome to leave us a review on other platforms."

In the fields Link 1 to Link 3, you can enter up to three direct links to the evaluation pages on e.g. Facebook or Google.

Finally, you can then create a free text to give the customer additional explanations or incentives to leave his rating there.

Show Preview

You can get a preview of the link box created via the "Thanks Page" tab.

Where can I find direct links to my review pages on Google, Facebook and Yelp?

In order to direct your customer reviews directly to other review sites, you can store the respective direct links. A click on it then opens the input window and the customer can submit his rating directly.

Share short url for customer reviews on Google:

  • Sign in to Google My Business.
  • If you have several locations, open the entry you want.
  • In the menu on the left, click Home.
  • On the "Get More Reviews" card, you can copy the short URL that you want to share with customers.

Share short url for customer reviews on Facebook:

  • Use the link and enter the name of your Facebook page instead of “FacebookPageName”.

Share short url for customer reviews on Yelp:

  • Go to the Yelp website.
  • Now look for your company
  • Now click on "Write a post"
  • Copy the link from the address line of your browser.


In the first step, the customer has already submitted their NPS rating. How can I motivate my customers to take this extra step?

Depending on how you do it, there is no need for motivation. Simply set up the survey in such a way that only the promoters receive this extended option for evaluation. This further step will not be an obstacle for people who are convinced and enthusiastic about your company.

Alternatively, you could offer your customers a discount as a thank you if they also share their opinion on your company on these platforms. Simply use the free text field provided.

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