Which parameters can be defined for website widgets?

NOTE: This requires some basic understanding of HTML code and using a server side programming language.

When editing your survey, you can switch to the "Embed" tab and select "Website". You will be provided with a line of code of the following form:

< script src="//feedback.callexa.com/widget/slideup/sdFLjkLsG?email=">< /script>

Using this code, your visitors will be able to participate in your survey directly from your website. By default no personal data is transmitted, and the received ratings will be anonymous. Now lets say your website uses accounts, and the visitor is logged in to his account. So your server can provide certain information, like the email address or name of the visitor. You can optionally append such data to the script source above, so the reply is no longer anonymous. The following parameters are available:

  • email
  • salutation (0 = unknown, 1 = male, 2 = female)
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • relation (some unique attribute identifying the client entry, e.g. the account id)
  • custom1 (secondary data, any info you want to attach to the client entry, max length is 255 characters)
  • custom2
  • custom3
  • custom4
  • custom5
  • tags (separated by semicolon)

The "tags" part needs further explaining. Remember you can set tags (e.g. Service, Shipping Time, etc.) for your survey and the participants will be able to rate those tags on a 5 star scale? That is one way to use tags. Another way would be to append tags to replies for internal use, which are not shown in the survey.

Here is an example on how to include the visitors email and tags with the responsible customer service agent's name and a service category.

< script src="//feedback.callexa.com/widget/slideup/sdFLjkLsG?email=john@doe.com&tags=Logistics Department;Michael Anderson|auto">< /script>

Note how the tags are formatted. Individual tags are separated by a semicolon. Optionally a rating can be defined for each tag using the | character (e.g. with "Service|5") on a scale of 1 to 5. By using "auto", the tag rating is derived from the overall survey score. So in this example the neutral tag "Logistics Department" is appended to the reply and the agent "Michael Anderson" rated according to the survey score.

Often those values are dynamic, coming from a server side programming language. So you must replace the values with the matching placeholders, e.g. in PHP:

< script src="//feedback.callexa.com/widget/slideup/sdFLjkLsG?email=< ?= $email ?>&tags=< ?= $department ?>;< ?= $agent ?>|auto">< /script>

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service.

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