The Net Promoter Score – basics and areas of application

Using a Net Promoter Score survey allows companies to learn more about customers. Evaluating and segmenting the feedback received enables a close look at customer behavior, gives an insight...

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How you can save costs in customer acquisition with the NPS

Acquiring new customers is expensive and time-consuming. Anyone who has ever calculated the cost of acquiring a new customer knows this. The NPS can help you save a lot of money.New customer...

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Benefits of the NPS survey that you don't know yet

The Net Promoter Score survey provides access to a large body of actionable feedback that helps improve customer loyalty over time.If you are only looking for a simple evaluation, a biannual...

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More conversions from trials? No problem with the Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score survey is a wonderful tool for surveying your customers about their satisfaction and getting valuable feedback from them.However, you can already use the NPS for users...

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Reasons for using the Net Promoter Score every day

Of course, there are many measures you should use to measure your organization's performance. But one of the most powerful, customizable metrics is the Net Promoter Score.You are most likely...

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How to further process the NPS value

Putting things in numbers is a popular way of making and categorizing measurements.By assigning simple numerical values ​​to abstract concepts, one gets the feeling that they can be better u...

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Why the NPS not only outputs statistics, but can also make feelings and intentions measurable.

In our Net Promoter Score articles, we talk about ways to use NPS surveys to improve the customer lifecycle and increase the accuracy of survey results.A common mistake that is made in relat...

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Why you should also talk to your Detractors

In addition to receiving valuable customer reviews from our promoters, it is always advisable to talk to the detractors who are not satisfied.In the enedavor to make sure customers have a re...

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Basic areas of application for your satisfaction analysis with NPS.

Once you have understood the meaning, purpose and benefit of a satisfaction analysis using NPS, the question of possible areas of application naturally arises.In general, the following appli...

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The Net Promoter Score and the Thank You Page

The Net Promoter Score methodology survey is a marketing tool you can rely on to collect important customer data. But how can you integrate the NPS at relevant touchpoints of your website to...

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How to make NPS work for you

The Net Promoter Score is a helpful tool that collects feedback and makes the satisfaction of your customers measurable.Coupled with intelligent product analysis, proper segmentation and tar...

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Why customer feedback is so important for your business.

Collecting customer feedback is essential to building a profitable business.The background is explained quite simply. Because if you don't know what your customers think of your brand or pro...

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