From what value do you have a good Net Promoter Score?


Comparing NPS is not a straightforward process as the customer satisfaction metric depends on many factors.

This can be made clear on the basis of current studies. For example, companies in the automotive sector have an average NPS score of 39, with a lowest value of just 20. For Internet service providers, however, the average NPS value is 16, with a maximum value of only 19.

Specifically, this means that you can say very little about a company if you just look at the NPS value without comparing the value with the average performance within the respective industry. Because depending on the industry, a company with an absolute NPS value of 30 can be both bottom of the pack and front runner.


How can I then evaluate my performance using the NPS?
Since the NPS value can vary greatly, you have to investigate further aspects to determine whether the result is good or bad. Look at the NPS values​ of companies from other industries, compare which intersections you have with the company and which factors can influence the result. In this way you will learn quickly and easily how you can positively influence the NPS and use it to your advantage.

What is the average NPS for my industry?
Various studies have shown that companies in the fields of education and training, as well as insurance and e-commerce providers, achieve an average NPS between 60 and 70. Agencies from the fields of digital marketing, management consultancy, consulting in general, as well as construction companies have an average NPS of 40-60 and financial service providers, freight forwarders and companies in the healthcare sector achieve an average NPS score of 20-40.

But when is my NPS "good"?
In order to clarify this, it was important to point out the necessary differentiation beforehand. With this knowledge it is now clear that my company has a negative NPS score and there are some issues that should be addressed. If my company has a score between 0 and 30, it is time to pat yourself and the employees on the back because a lot is being done right here. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement. With a score of over 30, you run a company that goes to great lengths to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and certainly has more satisfied customers than dissatisfied ones. And if you achieve a score of over 70 with your company, then you have a customer base who is 100% convinced of you, your company, your employees and the service and who seize every opportunity to communicate this to their friends and acquaintances.


In summary, one can say: Make sure to keep your NPS value above 0, even if you may be better off with -20 than most of your competitors. Always compare your value with other companies in your industry. And much more important: compare your value with the results from six months ago. You can't make a better comparison. If the value has risen in comparison, you are on the right track.


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